Pastoral Care for Pastors

Every pastor has times where ministry is flowing along seamlessly, where the work of ministry seems effortless, feelings of love fill the church, and ministry systems work like a well-oiled machine.

Every pastor, also, has times where ministry seems filled with frustrations, criticism is unending, and leadership is attacked from all sides.

Healthy pastors are able to balance both of these extremes and live in the middle. Unhealthy pastors fail to make adjustments. This failure leads them to blame others, to put up walls, and to see themselves as a victim.

Some unhealthy pastors lash out and find solace in controlling and abusive ways of handling people.

Other unhealthy pastors burn out.

This newsletter will help you learn to recognize burnout and discover healthy self-care practices that will allow you to take care of yourself so that you can more effectively serve others.

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Jeremy Hoover

Writer and spiritual guide in Southwestern Ontario. I help guide people in their spiritual growth. Subscribe to my newsletter to find out how!